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This page features my positions on issues relevant to our city. Scroll down to see each issue and feel free to let me know how you feel about it by clicking on the "contact" tab above.

The Regressive City

Is the City of Raleigh growing? By population, yes. By many other variables, no. The current city council might have well as earned the name, "The Banning Committee" or aptly the "Council of No." This is my understanding of how our current city council operates and how I plan to work with the next generation of city council members to see Raleigh prosper.

Scooters, Kiosks, & Small Businesses

Raleigh's citizens have said they want scooter rentals, that we want revenue generating kiosks, that we want mobile retail, that we want food trucks, & that we want the vibrance, innovation, creativity, and fun of a thriving city... not a new regulation or ban every meeting.

Supporting our First Responders

When you have a fire, you call the Fire Department. When you have an emergency, you call the Police. These people are here for you, but who is here for them? Not our council.

Short-Term Rentals (STRs) & AirBnB

Here is my stance on why we need STRs and ADUs. Lets present Raleigh as a welcoming place that shows a hospitable people that care about our visitors and helps add revenue to home owners and the city.

Affordable Housing, Multi Family Homes, & ADUs

How do we tackle the Affordable Housing issue? ADUs, micro homes, tiny apartments, modular housing, etc. Click this link to find out.

Bicyclist Protection

Bike riders are everywhere in Raleigh and the numbers of those who wish to reduce their use of cars is growing. Painted white lines aren't enough for our two wheeled friends. They need a bit of protection and a larger connected network.

No More Tax Raises

I will not support any new tax raises, with exception to infrastructure emergencies. Anything we cannot budget, will not be paid or endorsed. We are taxing everyone, college students to senior citizens, out of Raleigh. My first apartment in Raleigh was an 800 sq ft for $840, now it costs over $1,200. Taxes must go down while revenue goes up.

How do we increase revenue? Remove barriers that hold citizens and small businesses back from earning income and thriving. I will do this buy fully supporting STRs(AirBnB) with moderate regulation, removal of many food truck/mobile retail regulations, allowing and supporting multi family homes as well as additional dwelling units (ADUs), & many other options.

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