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The Regressive City

Raleigh is growing. We all know that. Every day, someone moves here and our population goes up another notch on the counter. Which is great, but a growing population needs to be stimulated by appropriate housing, business, and entertainment.

With every new bit of technology that makes its way across the USA and into Raleigh, the city council seems to shy away, almost frightened, from it to the point of banning it outright before we can even implement rules for whatever it is here in the city. Take for example, the two pieces of tech that have come into the city, scooters & the kiosks. As the council tried to do, is outright ban the scooters because they want it that way, not because the people do. Enough outcry from citizens led to scooters existing, but with the highest fees in the country.

With the over regulation on ADUs, STRs, small businesses, tech, mobile retail, food trucks, etc. we are setting a terrible image for how our city treats housing & startups. Instead of letting the items exist, they wish to ban them outright or over regulate. This is not how a progressing city handles business. From sidewalk usage to businesses to new technology, the council has a new ban or regulation every meeting it seems.

Our current council has promised Affordable Housing for years with little resolve as well as dragging their feet when it comes to ANY rezoning hearing. There is not a single reason that a single rezoning hearing should take a year or longer. Raleigh will only stop growing when we run out of room. If we continue down the path we are on of only allowing single family housing and apartments, we will run out of room very soon.

We need a council that sees this future instead of holding us in the past. Let us adapt. Let us have a council that wants a prosperous Raleigh.

Committee to Elect James Bledsoe
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